Leadership 2.0 “Charting Your Course” is a leadership skills development program offered exclusively to alumni of Leadership Dakota County. The curriculum has been developed and is presented by Northeast Community College. This program is sponsored by the South Sioux City Area Chamber of Commerce. The program begins each September and runs for 9 months. Classes will be held the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1 pm - 5pm.

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Goals of Leadership 2.0

  • To enhance communication skills necessary for community collaboration and growth.

  • To pursue leadership positions in the community (workplace, nonprofit boards, chamber committees, special event coordinators, public service, etc.).

  • To demonstrate personal ownership of leadership development through creation of individual mission or vision statements.

  • To facilitate creation of professional networks.

Tuition for the program is $275 per participant and is payable to the South Sioux City Chamber of Commerce upon notification of acceptance into the program. Tuition may be paid by the participant, the participant’s employer, a sponsoring organization or a combination thereof.

Program Format

The program promotes development of leadership skills and involvement through active learning and practical application. Each skill session will feature speakers who are experts in their specific field. The sessions will include hands-on activities and application exercises to be completed between sessions.

Outline for Leadership 2.0.

September: Know Thy Self (understanding personal assessments, seeking feedback, creating development plans)

October: Participant Workshop (network/complete application exercise)

November: Seizing Opportunities (identifying opportunities, mentoring, goal setting)

December: Participant Workshop (network/complete application exercise)

January: Communicate with Confidence (listening, communicating with tact, assertiveness)

February: Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving (root cause problem solving, using questions to resolve conflict)

March: Participant Workshop (network/complete application exercise)

April: Supervisory Skills (delegating, time management, giving feedback)

May: Leading Change (planning, leading and sustaining change)